I am a graduate from SAE Expression College with a Bachelor of Applied Science, Sound Arts Degree. While attending Expression I was able to work on just about anything that has an audio component, from Music (Live and Studio), Video Games, Films, TV, if it makes a reproducible sound, I have played with it. While nothing beats recording and mixing a great band I have a particular love of matching and editing audio to visuals, especially if I get to do live foley. I really enjoy flipping back and forth between frames to get the footsteps just right. In that same vein I love arranging an artists tracks so the crash is just so, and you can’t beat the rush of a live performance.

I interned at The Grill Studios in Oakland/Emeryville CA and was lucky enough to be there as they built their new and beautiful live room, it was very inspiring to see an established studio take another big step to continue relevancy in an ever changing landscape.

I am excited about my next phase. I always loved audio, but never really knew how to market it especially as a non musician. After living in the Bay Area for a few years it became clear to me that there was a market for these skills, if I honed them, Expression has allowed me to do just that.

I have always loved podcasts and had dreamed of recording one some day. I knew I wanted to do it right, and not just shout into my laptop speaker and send an unedited mess out into the world. I am excited to use my skills to help raise the quality of podcasts released out into the world to find their audience. Please visit whatsoundsawesome.com for more audio evidence on this topic, right now I am producing and starring in two movie review podcasts, Time Pop and Rotten Popcorn.